Apr 182021

Nevada has 17 counties. Clark is the monster with about 65% (think Las Vegas) of the population. Another 20% is in Washoe (where Reno is and where I live).

The remaining 15 counties have about 300,000 people in them total.

Delegates to the State Convention are allotted by County and the Counties Control their delegations.

You’d think Clark County would control the State Party. It does not. Clark has been a mess for years apparently. The Chairman of the Nevada GOP is accused of wanting it that way and deliberately keeping Clark’s County Party in a shambles in order to keep himself in office as the State Party President.

Clark gets 187 delegates
Washoe gets 59 Delegates
Lyon gets 14 Delegates
Nye, Elko, Carson, Douglas get 12 Each
The other 10 counties get 5-8 a piece. (with most getting 5)

That’s it. No elected appointments. Just a caucus in January-February of an Even numbered year and the party people are selected from each county. In my case, there is no one from Sun Valley on the State Party so I am almost guaranteed of a slot on the County GOP. The State GOP delegates are elected by the counties, why wouldn’t the only guy from Sun Valley make it on to the state party too?

As to the math for officer elections:

Mike McDonald, the State Chair of the NVGOP has the 15 rural counties in his back pocket according to everyone I talk to. There will always be a few defectors – but it is safe to say that the 110ish delegates from the rural counties are Mike McDonald people.

The epicenter of the opposition to Mike McDonald is in Washoe County. (Where I live) This explains why when I was trying to introduce myself to people at the convention, I was getting frosty receptions from people in rural counties. Nice to see that geographical xenophobia is consistent from one state to the next.

Michael Kadenacy is the Chairman of the Washoe GOP and it is clear that he and Mike McDonald do not like each other very much.

April 14, 2021



Valerie Michael

Washoe County Republican Party

(702) 308-8308

Washoe County Republican Party Repudiates Purported Facts  and Actions of the NVGOP Resolution


Reno, NV – The Washoe County Republican Party (WCRP), Executive Committee voted on Tuesday to repudiate the purported facts and actions of the NVGOP Resolution. The resolution’s intent was to censure Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske. It was presented at the State Central Committee meeting on Saturday, April 10, 2021, in response to what the State Party deemed lack of action on the part of Secretary Cegavske, regarding alleged voter fraud.

In making the announcement WCRP Chairman Michael Kadenacy stated, “the Secretary of State was given no previous notice of the move to censure and strip her of party membership and therefore was not present at this meeting to tell her side of the story. That the State Party leadership made presentations regarding the purported evidence of voter fraud with no opportunity for a prepared rebuttal by the Secretary of State, is an affront to any semblance of Due Process.”

Barbara Cegavske is a former state legislator who termed out as an assembly woman and a senator. She currently is the only Republican to hold a state constitutional office. With a Democrat Governor and Democrat controlled legislature she is at their mercy to abide by laws passed and signed by them.

In closing his statement Chairman Kadenacy also said, “If our goal is to win elections in this next cycle, I fail to see the value of the State Party attacking the sole Republican Constitutional Officer.”

I am still learning all the players, but suffice to say the state party officer elections are going to be very interesting later this year. I’d look for the location and timing to be as inconvenient as possible if indeed Mr. McDonald thinks he is threatened.

If Clark County gets its’ act together and can coalesce its’ delegates – McDonald could be in serious trouble. Just as an aside, I met two members of the “Proud Boys” at the convention from Clark County, both claimed to have been recruited by Mr. McDonald to carry proxy votes. This could be a fascinating sidebar to what is going on in the big picture of the NVGOP.

Jul 172020

James Stettlemeyer? Ben Kieckhefer? What is your problem? Do you think Steve Sisolak deserves a bailout for his disastrous bungling of COVID? Do you think you can just hammer industry and then ask Donald Trump to print a couple billion to cover it all?

It looks like the Nevada GOP Caucus needs Right On Daily Nevada. With the Ralston report being owned by their never-trumper donors, it appears there is a vacuum in Nevada.

Nevada Families for Freedom 
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July 13, 2020, In the Year of Our Lord, U.S. Constitution Art. VII, 10:00pm
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Tonight, Senator Ira Hansen made a powerful statement on the floor of the Nevada State Senate about the Governor’s One-Size Fits All Dictatorial Policies on Covid-19 that are destroying the economy of the State.
You can listen to his short statement at the Legislature’s site: Video’s of Archived Meetings. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Video/   At 6:10:18, near the very end of the July 13th archived meeting video you can hear Senator Ira Hansen’s remarks.
He made these points:
  • The Governors one-size-fits-all dictatorial mandates does not allow local governments and individual businesses to determine their local policies which are appropriate.
  • The Governor or his staff are now calling mayors and county commissioners telling them that the Governor will cut their funding if they do not comply with his edicts.
  • The Governor has now created an OSHA hotline for people to spy on their neighbors and businesses to see if they are complying or face forced closure or huge fines.
  • The Governor has targeted bars and churches inordinately.
  • He said he had driven by the Nugget and GSR resort in Reno and Sparks and the parking lots were full. People are anxious to participate in the economy.
  • Make no mistake the economy has everything to do with the special session and the taxes that are collected.
  • We need to have a discussion of this issue of the Governor’s policies on Covid-19 during this Legislature.
  • We need to eliminate this one-size fits all dictatorial attitude in Nevada.
We need to support Senator Ira Hansen’s opposition to the current Dictator Governor Sisolak’s policies.
Thank Senator Ira Hansen for his courage: ira.hansen@sen.state.nv.us
MESSAGE to all other Senators: (especially the Republicans) No Republicans stood to back Senator Hansen’s comments. Two Democrats stood to oppose him.
Message: We agree with Senator Hansen’s remarks on the floor of the Senate. Please consider as Legislators the extreme damage to our state’s economy that Governor Sisolak’s one-size-fits-all dictatorial policies on Covid-19 are causing. Local elected officials are capable of responsible action and are closer to the people. It is because businesses are closed that we have this extreme economic devastation to our state, as well as to the citizens and businesses of Nevada. You can’t collect taxes if businesses are closed or out of business and 25% of Nevadans are unemployed. Open up our state. (or write your own message) See article on economic devastation below.
All Senate Republicans except Senator Hansen:
Senate Democrats:
Nevada hardship index: 35.29.
Rank 1.
Unemployment: 25.3%
Mortgage delinquency: 9.99%
Please go the link to see the state by state rankings.
Apparently, every Republican not named Ira Hansen missed the memo from Minneapolis. You can’t screw up by the numbers and expect the federal government to fix your mess. If you enable riots, destroy your economy and abuse power causing widespread economic hardship you made your own bed. The cowardice and lack of foward thinking that I am seeing as I am plugging in to Nevada politics from the GOP is a very familiar pattern.
It is also clear to me that most of the Republicans are OK with Ratt lines and Sisolak threatening Counties to force compliance. These people need to be Primary Challenged and unseated.
I do understand why the Dems have a Super-majority in the Assembly. There is no compelling reason to vote Republican given what the Republican are doing in Carson City.
Jul 162020

Well – it looks like a bunch of “Republicans” in the legislature are in need of loving, the kind of loving that only the Right On Daily Blog can give RINO’s.

Nevada Families for Freedom 
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www.nevadafamilies.org, Janine Hansen director@nevadafamilies.org
July 16, 2020, In the Year of Our Lord, U.S. Constitution Art. VII, 10:07pm
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Why Elect Republicans When They Vote Like Democrats?
After you read my explanation of SB3 below and what happened yesterday, my question is this. Why vote for Republicans when they vote like Democrats? Contact the Republican Senators and Assemblymen who voted for SB3 and ask them that question.
Yesterday during the Special Session of the Nevada Legislature, the Senate voted 19-2 for SB3 with only 2 Republicans Senators Hansen and Hardy, voting No. SB3 passed the Assembly 32 to 10 with only 6 of 13 Republicans, Assemblymen Chris Edwards, John Ellison, John Hambrick, Alexis Hansen, Lisa Krasner, and Jim Wheeler, voting No. Democrats Richard Carillo, Skip Daly, Ozzie Fumo, and Greg Smith also voted No.
MESSAGE:Why did you vote with the Democrats on SB3 against mining and the rural counties which are overwhelmingly Republican? We expect you to vote to uphold the two-thirds requirement in the Nevada Constitution for raising taxes even if you lose. Please stand for principle. (or write you own message).
Republican Senators and Assemblyman voting NO on SB3: Thank them for voting NO on SB3 like Republicans should!
You can view the floor statements near the end of the sessions for both the Senate and the Assembly: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Video/
SB3 Requires the mines for the “net proceeds of minerals” tax to pay their taxes a year in advance before they ever make any money. How would other businesses do if they had to pay their taxes a year before they are operating for that year or making any money?   In his opposition on the Senate Floor Senator Ira Hansen said that in his opinion this was unconstitutional because the Nevada Constitution requires a fair and equitable tax system. If all businesses had to pay a year in advance then this would be fair and equitable, but the Legislature is singling out one industry as it is only being imposed on mining. Small mines may have to borrow the money to be able to pay their taxes and it could certainly make it impossible for them to operate putting them out of business. This acceleration of the mining tax will be for 2021, 22 and 23 and then revert to the former method of payment. The Legislative Counsel Bureau sided with the Democrats and against the 2/3rds voting requirement for raising taxes. More below under Settelmeyer.
SB3: Currently, the state highway fund gets 75% of the money from the government services tax when you register you vehicle and the state general fund gets 25%. This bill changes that so that the general fund gets 100% of the tax money and the highway fund nothing for one year. This will have a tremendous impact on construction jobs which will be lost because of the loss of funding for the highway fund. The bill also provides for the Nevada Dept. of Taxation to create an amnesty program for people who owe back taxes so that if they pay their taxes in full, they will not have to pay any interest or fees. They expect to get about 1/3 of people to pay, raising close to $30 million.
Republican minority leader Senator Settelmeyer stated that in 2010 almost the exact legislation was passed and needed a 2/3 votes. Why in 2020 does the bill not require a 2/3 vote? Was the Legislative Counsel Bureau wrong in 2010? Or is this another challenge to the 2/3 vote requirement in the Nevada Constitution to pass a tax or fee? He asked if it was designed to support the court case that was currently in the courts, which the Republicans brought from the last session when a bill came to the Senate Floor with a requirement for 2/3 vote did not pass and then was brought back within an hour without the 2/3rds requirement and passed. Senator Hardy made the same points. Although Senator Settelmeyer still voted for SB3 and Senator Hardy voted No on SB3. Kevin Powers of the Legislative Counsel Bureau sided with the Democrats and against the 2/3rds voting requirement for raising taxes.
On the Assembly Floor the public testimony by Leftist-Socialists paid lobbyists spent their time bashing the mining industry and saying they needed to pay more taxes and that acceleration was not enough. Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen gave a stirring defense of the mining industry. She reminded the body that mining also pays many other taxes and is the major industry in most of the rural counties. That mining creates well paying jobs averaging $90,000 a year. You can hear her at the link above. Assemblywoman Titus also defended mining but voted for SB3.
It is time to sue the legislature for this unconstitutional act. The RINO’s in Carson City just pulled an Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are ripping off future years because they lack the courage to tell public employee unions and welfare recipients no. We expect this kind of dishonesty from Democrats. But Republicans like Kieckhefer and Stettlemeyer that play conservative in their district and then bargain the future of the state away when they think no one is going to know need to be held accountable.
Right On Daily Nevada is building a target list and these guys are on it.
It is time to primary challenge these so-called “Republicans” that are screwing the second largest source of revenue for Nevada. Note, these cowards did not mess with the Casino Industry.
Apr 292020

Thank you Nevadans for your help in flattening the curve in our great state.

COVID19 has disrupted the entire world leaving us struggling to understand and address the spread of the virus.  Incrementally, nations, then states like Nevada, have responded.  The Governor enacted restrictions and Nevadans, in turn, have endeavored to adhere to them. Education was moved online.  Gaming across the state as well as thousands of small businesses that employ over 40 percent of all of Nevada’s private sector employees were closed. Restaurants, other enterprises and open-air recreation were also limited.

Every Nevadan was called upon to follow measures to flatten the curve such as social distancing and the use of masks.  And, Nevadans responded to be part of the solution to keep each other safe.  Our communities have suffered through the loss of life and growing economic instability in an attempt to ensure flattening of the curve across Nevada.

“Now is the time we must act.  Planning today as we look toward reopening our economy will allow us to recover faster.”
We all agree that we want safe and healthy communities, but we must also develop a concrete framework for what we are going to do to open our economy moving forward and how we are going to do it. While Nevada will be joining the Western States Pact, whose goal is a regional approach to opening our economy, no specific details important to Nevada’s families, businesses, and communities have been provided.  Now is the time we must act.  Planning today as we look toward reopening our economy will allow us to recover faster.
Here are measures we should consider as we work to reopen our state:
  • A phased reopening based on White House Guidelines including a downward trajectory of COVID-like illnesses and cases reported within a 14 day period and the ability to treat patients without crises care.
  • Testing and monitoring of infections to identify and quell the spread
  • Regional accountability for tracking infection and responses
  • Testing for immunity to identify those who can reinforce our healthcare workforce and those who can work in other industries
  • Establishment of safety protocols based on industry with industry input
  • Creation of contingency plans for setbacks or another wave
  • Ongoing community engagement and education to reflect the current and anticipated state of the spread
  • Continued support for businesses, most likely through the federal government, to help businesses bridge the economic gap created by the shutdown
The communications I have received from my constituents and stakeholders across the state have made it clear that the lack of information and guidance from the state is growing increasingly discouraging every day. Every Nevadan needs to be part of the solution for our recovery. We’ve stayed home, stayed safe and stayed together during this incredibly disruptive time. We must now work together to support each other as we move toward recovery and reopening our great state.
“We’ve stayed home, stayed safe and stayed together during this incredibly disruptive time. We must now work together to support each other as we move toward recovery and reopening our great state.”
Please reach out to me with any of your concerns and ideas related to COVID-19 and potential planning framework for helping our state return to normal. You may reach me at heidi@gansert4nevada.com.


Feb 132019

Nevada Families for Freedom State Affiliate National Eagle Forum 186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801, Janine’s cell: 775-397-6859 (It’s best to text), Sparks 775-356-0105

Janine ansen director@nevadafamilies.org,  www.nevadafamilies.org  Feb. 13, 2019, In the Year of Our Lord 2018, 9:18am 

Please pray for the Legislature and the Governor. The Whole Senate will vote today (Wednesday) at 11am on SB143 It’s important to email! Report Joint Hearing SB143 Universal Background Checks Creating a Culture of Compliance 

Perhaps the most alarming testimony on SB143 was that of the attorney Rosen speaking with Senator Atkinson the sponsor. When asked a question about enforcement he answered that the real purpose of SB143 was to Create a Culture of Compliance! Because of course we know that only law-abiding citizens will obey the law and criminals never will. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were designed by our Founders to Create a Culture of Liberty and Individual Self-Reliance. The Joint hearing of the Senate & Assembly Judiciary Committees on SB143 on Tuesday, Feb. 12th, started at 8:15am and lasted until 5pm with a break for the Senate and Assembly Floor Sessions at 11am. The people opposing SB143 vastly outnumbered the proponents some 500 to 50. Everyone who was willing to wait nearly all day was given the opportunity to speak. The proponents ran out of people to testify but the opponents kept going until 5pm. I was extremely thankful and proud of all those who showed up at the hearing in Carson and Las Vegas. Each person including Governor Sisolak, and AG Aaron Ford were given 2 minutes to testify. It was fair in that way. Although we can anticipate losing this battle, the numbers and the excellent, well-informed testimony of opponents will have an impact, causing fear in the hearts of the Democrats. Keep praying for them. Just know that every person who came and every person who testified was a blessing to the cause of liberty. Every email and every call added to the weight of truth placed before our opponents. We don’t win every battle but as we seek the Lord and exercise our rights of petitioning the Legislature for redress of grievances and exercise freedom of speech, the Lord will bless our efforts. THANKS!!! The Judiciary Committees took a short break and the Senate Committee reconvened and voted SB143 out of committee on a party line vote with Democrats Senators Cannizarro, Harris, Ohrenschall, Marilyn Donder-Loop, and Melanie Scheible voting in favor. Republican Senators Hammond, Hansen and Pickard voted no. The Republicans complained about the language of the bill not being available until 11am the previous day which gave no time to submit amendments. Their concerns were disregarded by the Chair Cannizarro. The whole Senate then convened and placed SB143 on Second Reading which means the whole Senate will vote on SB143 today at their 11am session. We can expect a strict party line vote with 13 Democrats voting Yes and 8 Republicans voting NO. It’s still important to EMAILKeep up the heat!!!

We expect that the Assembly Judiciary will vote tomorrow morning at 8am and then it will go to the floor for a vote of the entire Assembly and then be sent to the Governor. I will send another alert on the Assembly. MESSAGE to Democrats on the Senate Judiciary 

I am very disappointed in your disregard of public opinion and your fast tracking of SB143 for universal background checks which will not make us safer but will lead to law abiding citizens being charged with a crime. It will ultimately lead to gun registration. (or write your own message)


MESSAGE: to Republicans on Senate Judiciary 

Thank you so much for your courage in voting against SB143 universal background checks. We appreciate you! (or write your own message)

Scott.Hammond@sen.state.nv.usIra.Hansen@sen.state.nv.us,Keith.Pickard@sen.state.nv.us, MESSAGE: All other Republican Senators: Have courage and vote against SB143 universal background checks. (or write your own message)


MESSAGE: All other Democrat Senators: Please Vote NO on SB143 universal background checks which will not make us safer but will lead to law abiding citizens being charged with a crime. It will ultimately lead to gun registration. (or write your own message) Sponsor of the Bill:


We depend on your individual free will gifts! Thank you!You can help Nevada Families for Freedom by contributing online: www.nevadafamilies.or

Please make checks payable to Nevada Families, not tax deductible, 186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, NV 89801

Feb 112019
Good afternoon,
With control of the Legislature and the Governor’s mansion, Democrats have decided their first item on the agenda is to rush and pass a sweeping gun control bill that won’t stop a single crime and only punishes law-abiding citizens.

And even more disgraceful, they have abandoned the normal process so that they can speed the legislation to Governor Sisolak’s desk in record time.

In fact, they are rushing so quickly, they didn’t even make their bill public until today even though the hearing on the bill is tomorrow morning.
It’s shameful.

But we can fight back. The hearing begins at 8 a.m. in room 1214 in the Legislative Building in Carson City. If you are in southern Nevada and want to testify via videoconference, you can do so in room 4412 in the Grant Sawyer Building. Its address is 555 E. Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

If you are able to attend the hearing in either Carson City or Las Vegas tomorrow and testify, please do so. Email Josh at josh.skaggs@nevadagop.org and let him know you’ll be attending.

If you can’t make it to the hearing, you can still be heard. Find your legislator here and call or email them today.

We can’t let this despicable charade go without a fight. Please attend tomorrow’s hearing or call your legislator and let them know that these political games won’t be tolerated.
Michael J. McDonald