Mar 012021
Nevada Families for Freedom
State Affiliate of Eagle Forum, 46th Anniversary
186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801, 775-397-6859, Sparks 775-356-0105
February 27, 2021 In the Year of Our Lord, U.S. Constitution Art. VII
SJR8* ERA Changes Everything!
Watch the short video:
Republican Senators Plan to Vote
For the Most Radical State ERA anywhere in the Country
If you are from Clark County make sure to contact New Senator Carrie Buck. She is not sure it’s worth it to vote NO.
Senator from Clark: Carrie Buck Please ask her to vote no on SJR8* the State ERA: 775-684-1457,,
The following Republican Senators voted Yes on SJR8, the State ERA, in 2019 and are planning to vote Yes in 2021. Their excuse was that they didn’t want to be perceived as anti-woman and be vulnerable in their campaigns. They were not worried about the future of our children, especially our girls, tax funded abortions or the devastating effects of the State ERA. They must hear from you!
MESSAGE: SJR8*, the State ERA, is not pro woman. It is anti-family, anti-woman and especially anti-girl. We want you to vote NO on SJR8*. Girls will have to compete with biological males in sports which will ruin their chances for success and scholarships. Girls’ safety and privacy will be at risk in school bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and in motel rooms on trips when transgender biological boys use those facilities. Taxpayers will also be harmed because they will have to pay for abortions. Our religious liberty will be in jeopardy if we believe in traditional marriage. We are concerned that age of consent laws that protect children from sexual predators could be overturned in the name of equality. Please Vote NO on SJR8*. (Or better yet share your own message.)
Republicans who voted YES on SJR8* ERA in 2019
CALL them.
From Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Storey: (Senate Minority Leader)  James Settelmeyer, 775-684-1470 Cell: 775-450-6114 (send a text)
From Washoe County: Heidi Gansert, 775-684-1419
From Washoe and Carson: Ben Kieckhefer, 775-684-1450
From Clark County: Scott Hammond, 775-684-1442
From Clark County: Keith Pickard, 775-684-1481
From Boulder City: Joe Hardy, 775-684-1462
Please THANK these 2 Senators for Voting NO on SJR8 the State ERA in 2019 and ask them to vote No again.
From Esmeralda, Humboldt, Lander, Mineral, Nye, Pershing, Washoe: Ira Hansen, 775-684-1480
From Rural Clark, Elko, Eureka, Lincoln, Nye, White Pine: Pete Goicoechea, 775-684-1447
It is nice to know the group-think is alive and well in the Nevada Legislature. This is not good politics, not even close.
Apr 292020

Thank you Nevadans for your help in flattening the curve in our great state.

COVID19 has disrupted the entire world leaving us struggling to understand and address the spread of the virus.  Incrementally, nations, then states like Nevada, have responded.  The Governor enacted restrictions and Nevadans, in turn, have endeavored to adhere to them. Education was moved online.  Gaming across the state as well as thousands of small businesses that employ over 40 percent of all of Nevada’s private sector employees were closed. Restaurants, other enterprises and open-air recreation were also limited.

Every Nevadan was called upon to follow measures to flatten the curve such as social distancing and the use of masks.  And, Nevadans responded to be part of the solution to keep each other safe.  Our communities have suffered through the loss of life and growing economic instability in an attempt to ensure flattening of the curve across Nevada.

“Now is the time we must act.  Planning today as we look toward reopening our economy will allow us to recover faster.”
We all agree that we want safe and healthy communities, but we must also develop a concrete framework for what we are going to do to open our economy moving forward and how we are going to do it. While Nevada will be joining the Western States Pact, whose goal is a regional approach to opening our economy, no specific details important to Nevada’s families, businesses, and communities have been provided.  Now is the time we must act.  Planning today as we look toward reopening our economy will allow us to recover faster.
Here are measures we should consider as we work to reopen our state:
  • A phased reopening based on White House Guidelines including a downward trajectory of COVID-like illnesses and cases reported within a 14 day period and the ability to treat patients without crises care.
  • Testing and monitoring of infections to identify and quell the spread
  • Regional accountability for tracking infection and responses
  • Testing for immunity to identify those who can reinforce our healthcare workforce and those who can work in other industries
  • Establishment of safety protocols based on industry with industry input
  • Creation of contingency plans for setbacks or another wave
  • Ongoing community engagement and education to reflect the current and anticipated state of the spread
  • Continued support for businesses, most likely through the federal government, to help businesses bridge the economic gap created by the shutdown
The communications I have received from my constituents and stakeholders across the state have made it clear that the lack of information and guidance from the state is growing increasingly discouraging every day. Every Nevadan needs to be part of the solution for our recovery. We’ve stayed home, stayed safe and stayed together during this incredibly disruptive time. We must now work together to support each other as we move toward recovery and reopening our great state.
“We’ve stayed home, stayed safe and stayed together during this incredibly disruptive time. We must now work together to support each other as we move toward recovery and reopening our great state.”
Please reach out to me with any of your concerns and ideas related to COVID-19 and potential planning framework for helping our state return to normal. You may reach me at