Feb 132022

Angie Taylor (who is my trustee – barf) has vehemently denied that WCSD is NOT teaching CRT.

However, we just uncovered this MANDATORY training – 15 hours-worth divided into 4 sessions – for WCSD teachers and some staff

We call B.S. – this is absolutely CRT indoctrination of our teachers which will surely filter down to our kids.

A sampling of the Reflection Journal, is attached:

Page 12:  Identity Wheel: Power, Privilege & Difference

Page 18:  Implicit Bias, Page 54, Implicit Bias

Page 35:  White Privilege-Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Page 52:  Racial Micro Aggressions

Page 80:  Whiteness – the Power of Resistance

Page 84:  Systems of Privilege & Oppression

Page 88:  White Supremacy Culture

Quote from Angie’s past emails to concerned parents:

“Although the District will be including supplemental material in our K-5 English Language curriculum, let me assure you that Critical Race Theory will not be included. The supplemental teaching resources support teachers in creating learning environments that provide opportunities for valuing human dignity, fostering cultural diversity, and building critical thinking. The disinformation campaign falsely reports that the supplemental material came from critical race theory. Not only is this untrue, it is only working to hurt these efforts which are intended to uplift all students and create a sense of community in our schools.”

Angie Taylor Lied. (Shocking, I know)

Here is a PDF of the WCSD “Equity Framework” – remember Equity is a cornerstone of communism.